We changed real estate into a relationship.

Nest Property came to us seeking to change the perception and performance of their brand in the highly competitive real estate market.

We started the process from the ground up, with in-depth research giving us a powerful truth that we could build a brand perception and a campaign on: together. Nest Property will work with a vendor, not just for a vendor, and in doing so make the process of selling a home both financially and emotionally rewarding.

As well as a full brand refresh covering every single communication touchpoint, we also developed a bold new campaign featuring a third party ‘testimonial’ from someone who has felt the effects of how well a house was sold. We called him the House Whisperer, and his influence – along with a considered and structured roll-out of engaging marketing material has been nothing short of a success.

We’ve taken a bold step with a bold client, who is now experiencing the benefits of change first-hand.