We changed every dollar into every Tasmanian.

One of the most important facts about the Menzies Institute for Medical Research could well be its least understood: that the diseases they research don’t just affect ‘Tasmanians’ – they affect every Tasmanian.

As a research body reliant upon public funding to continue their valuable work, we wanted to change the way people thought about donating. They weren’t just helping a very well-regarded institution – a donation would directly help a friend, a family member or a work colleague. With a donation, they might even be helping themselves.

Our idea was to demonstrate this – but in an incredibly powerful way. The long-form screen piece was created for the Menzies website, social platforms and to show at University of Tasmania events in order to inspire donations. The idea is so potent it can even be used as a spoken word prompt, bringing all the emotion of the screen piece to life in a room of people.

Demonstrations of the impact of a donation are rarely this powerful.