We changed a car dealer into so much more.

DJ Motors, our longest standing client, had a desire for change.

Not a new campaign or a new television commercial but generational, meaningful, line-in-the-sand change. And we delivered. From a new logo, new brand architecture, new initiatives and a new position in the brand landscape, ‘DJ Motors’ became ‘DJs’ and adopted a brand platform that also serves as a commitment to staff, to customers and the wider Tasmanian community: Driving for more.

At the heart of this change was our robust strategic process that tapped into DJ’s desire for a new direction, unearthing a wealth of insights and opportunities that inform processes and have now become the very DNA of the business.

This campaign is still in its infancy, but is already delivering on changing the vehicle category, and what it means to deliver on a brand promise.

When genuine desire for change meets an Agency with the skills, resources and passion to bring it to life, amazing things can happen.